Urban Forest 3X Run, December 21 - 23 at Aravali Biodiversity Park Gurugram, Coach Ravinder Gurugram

Urban Forest 3X Run

The first edition of the Urban Forest 3x coming up in the month of December is a perfect end-of-year running celebration. This three day running festival through the ups and downs of Biodiversity Park is made of three distances to be run on three consecutive days. You can adapt to the hilly terrain of this park by running a 10k on day one, ease into day 2 by running a 25k. Finally on day 3, you will have to switch off your brains and lose control as you run an intimidating 45k.

Alternatively, you can opt for a single day or double day of running as you chose your distance.

What’s tough about this series is not just the distance, but the fact that all of these distances will be run on a short course of just 2.5 kms of both dirt and hard trail. That’s the reason we call it an irritatingly tough running series. Well, you just have to imagine running a loop of 2.5k to finish 45k.

Sounds mental? But enduring that loopy boredom is great mental preparation.

About Biodiversity Park:
Tucked in the forests of Northern Aravalis, famously known as the City Forest, Biodiversity Park replete with nature trails, walking tracks, jogging/bicycling tracks is also a habitat for birds and wild animals. The park has a hilly terrain which is home to over 300 species of native plants species of the Aravali region. Catching a sunrise while on a run/jog/walk on the trails of this forest garden is an experience by itself especially for the busy city-dwellers who feel completely disconnected as soon as they enter this rich forest in the middle of the city. ...more details